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The position of the oven flaps

As a rule, each basic masonry has at least one adjustable flap in addition to the slots in the fire door:

The throttle valve is located at the transition of the last train in the chimney. Their task is to keep the heat of the embers in the oven after the fire has burned down, thus making better use of the heating capacity of the wood. Since it closes the chimney in the closed state, it must always be open during the heating phase, otherwise the smoke quickly rises in the combustion chamber and soon also in the living quarters. The opening and closing of the flap requires only a quarter turn (vertical = open, horizontal = closed).

The Firing valve - if it is even present - is just above the firebox and forms a passage before the first draft directly into the chimney. If you open it, the way of the smoke is significantly reduced by the trains. The smoke gets to the exit faster and makes the vent easier to pull.

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