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Stove Made of Mud Brick in the Algarve - For a Comforting Heat

A fireplace made of clay bricks is an enclosed fireplace where the wood burns in the bottom / base of the Fireplace. Wolfgang Kaun, builds these fireplaces in the Algarve, Portugal, made of clay and a lot of enthusiasm. For 25 years he has been planning and building these typical German fireplaces, also in central and northern Portugal, Spain and Germany - all unique pieces. Regardless of whether it is a basic stove, or a plastered fireplace: All Fireplaces are technically suitable inside and adapted to the rooms to heat; And its exterior can be elaborated and created so as to be totally individual.

A well-placed fireplace, after 2 to 3 hours of "burning", radiates its heat for 24 hours - Radiated heat, which makes the environment pleasant and your house in the Algarve comfortable.

No other source of heat achieves such heating, and the slightly burned tiles have the best characteristics for the construction and placement of these fireplaces. The fireplace consists of a combustion chamber, various smoke pipes, a fireplace door and, depending on the size, 500 to 1000 clay bricks. Through high and coated fire chambers, the flames can develop freely and thus, the wood burns completely and cleanly. The hot smoke is guided and driven in order to heat the surrounding bricks and the heat is transmitted evenly into the room.

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