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Rule #1: Use dry wood

Use only dry and well seasoned wood for heating. Damp or even freshly beaten wood not only heats badly, but also develops toxic gases when burned, e.g. Sulfur dioxide, which unnecessarily pollutes our environment. In addition, large quantities of soot and wood tar arise, which stick the kilns and the chimney (sooting). The result is sinking heat output and an increasing risk of chimney fire.

Therefore: Always use completely dry wood for heating! Your stove and the environment will thank you.

Tip: It is best to buy your firewood 1-2 years in advance. The ideal wood storage area is covered outdoors and well ventilated - perfect would be a sunny south facing. When the heating season starts, you always store supplies next to or under the stove - so the wood gets pretty dry.

In order to get a fire going, it is important to have plenty of dry small wood available. This can be, for example, chips, thin twigs or brushwood from the forest. The smaller and drier the wood, the faster it catches fire. So over time, the larger branches will burn aswell.

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