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Natural fireplaces in clay.

The Naturofen William was build in a rammed earth house. It has two heated benches and a stairway to the mezzanine

Fireplaces in clay and brick do not only offer an economical alternative for the heating of a house; They are also an aesthetic enrichment for a comfortable environment in your home. The most convenient and practical way of heating, especially in the humid but mild climate of the Atlantic, is a Stove. Two hours of blazing fire and the fireplace, without additional "heat", radiates its comforting and long lasting warmth to the room.

"Sitting on the warm built-in bench of the fireplace and leaning against it ... This is quality of life!" - There is no more appropriate way to describe the comfort these fireplaces give!

Wolfgang Kaun  *  Ofenbau Monchique/PT 8550-302  *  Tel. (00351) 963 353 401 *  info@naturofen.com  *  www.naturofen.com